{"title"=>"Automated live video production platform – Studio by Clone", "description"=>"Installed and automated live video production using PTZ robotic cameras to produce live events from venues. ", "keywords"=>"Clone.tv, live video automation, PTZ camera control, Clone Studio"}

Clone.tv is an automated video platform for live entertainment

Producing broadcast quality has never been this smart, affordable, or ridiculously simple.

Solving the production chokepoint...

Managing, producing, shooting and streaming video online is a costly endeavor. Everyday thousands of venues are eager to record and share their content with the world but don't because the technology and manpower required is too cost prohibitive.

We've fixed that.



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We didn’t invent the PTZ, we just make it DANCE

Today in the world of broadcasting pan-tilt-zoom cameras are used only for shot variety, not motion video. You cannot pan-tilt-and zoom all at the same time, the movements are robotic, and pan-tilt speed is not linear to the rate of zoom.

Our algorithms synchronize pan-tilt-zoom speeds across all three planes of motion. For the first time a PTZ can deliver smooth, non- robotic video for on-air motion shots. The closest to the smooth motion of a manned camera operator on the market—by far.

The mover software is smart. It learns your favorite shots, logs the time, assigns a weight to each movement, and then runs the show on Autopilot for hands free broadcasting.


We put a 6 man camera crew in a box.

Studio is a brand new solution for producing broadcast quality, multi-angle streaming video.

Best of all, you can do all of this without leaving your couch.

Automated Switcher


On: Runs an 8 camera full motion live production hands free.
Off: Manually select between video shots of optimal production value.

Camera Mover

Mover Each camera walks between points in full pan-tilt-zoom sync. Break into any on air motion shot with ease and take full control.

Realtime Preview

Live preview See all eight cameras in real-time and still stream a 3.5 meg high-def feed all using only a 5 meg upload pipe.

Async Control

Bars Move a camera while setting up your next shot without interrupting the program.

This event was shot, captured and streamed by one person ...
with an ipad ... 1800 miles from the venue.

Wanna push some buttons?

See it for yourself

We'll let you push the buttons.
Just drop us your email below, and we'll set you up.

The opportunity is way more than a production technology

Clone.tv built a standalone video delivery network not bound by the constraints of be-all streaming platforms. Social engagement tools include personalized landing pages, embeddable players, counters, show listings, user chat, payment processing, and soon trackID to identify song tracks over live video.

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Clone.tv Leadership


Doug Wulff


An avid music fan, Doug has been pursuing a live video product for over 4 years. Right out of college Doug co-invented, patented, and commercialized a product to protect utility substations doing $2M in sales—selling to the largest power companies in the United States. Doug has grown Clone.tv from it's initial small beginnings with local venues to having an enterprise product deployed at a Top 100 nightclub.




ClonerX is the guy who makes everything run. He's in charge of making sure every system talks to each other and every frame of video makes it to it's intended target.

ClonerX has a 20 year pedigree in software development in fields including UNIX network programming, Linux kernel development, and has built video applications for military and private sector. There's a pretty good chance that some of his portfolio of code has run a few things you depend on.

He's so good, we can't even talk about him yet.


Michael Bishop


Michael is made up of equal parts, musician, designer and technologist. He is responsible for the end user experience and all the pretty functionality.

In his spare time, Michael is very active in the House music scene as a producer promoter and DJ. He claims he is building Clone.tv for his "own personal amusement" because "everything else out there just sucks".


Executive Team

Chris Blocker Advisor
Senior VP of Sales Ustream
Mark Ostrowski Exec. Chairman / Investor
Doug Barry Investor / Advisor
Founder / Managing Director of Selby Ventures
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Our ambition is to enable high-volume live entertainment for WebTV networks in music, ministries, sports, and enterprise.

Check us out: AngelList | Contact: Doug Wulff