Hello. We are

Clone Technologies has developed automated video production technology to capture and stream live entertainment like never before.

We've built software that controls unmanned camera systems to completely automate live streaming events.

Essentially, we put an 8 man camera crew in a box.

Don't worry... they are digital camera men, and don't need air.

Here's just some of the features our software has

Automated Switcher


Turned On: Runs an 8 camera full motion live production hands free.
Turned Off: Manually select between video shots of optimal production value.

Camera Mover

Mover Each camera walks between points in full pan-tilt-zoom sync. Break into any on air motion shot with ease and take full control.

Realtime Preview

Live preview See all eight cameras in real-time and simultaneously stream a 3.5 meg high-def feed all using only a 10 meg upstream.

Async Control

Bars Move a camera while setting up your next shot without interrupting the program.

But what does it look like?

This event was shot, captured and streamed by one person ...with an ipad ... 1800 miles from the venue.

Our ambition is to change high-volume live entertainment. If thats your ambition too, we'd love to talk.

Contact Mark Ostrowski

(801) 641-5828 – – – mark@clonetechnologies.com

Thank you!